Replacement Aluminum Windows

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When you hear "aluminum windows" what do you think of? Cheesy? Ugly products? Remodels-on-the-cheap of fine old homes? In fact, aluminum windows have come a long way in recent years, and can be positively stylish. Architects like them because the strength of the metal frame, relative to such materials as vinyl or wood, allows for a narrower frame, and thus a bigger expanse of glass.

Aluminum windows are strong, high quality, well made, and energy efficient. Aluminum windows are a great choice for Houston’s climate and can cost less than other windows with similar air leakage and strength.

Expansion and contraction, both of the building and the window-frame materials, are two of the factors that determine long-term window reliability and ease of operation. Over time, aluminum windows are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which can cause some replacement window frame materials to bend and twist – leading to seal failure, air and water leakage, and difficult operation.

Also, the unattractive bare-metal finish you may associate with aluminum windows is outdated: not only can they be painted whatever color you like; they are often available from the factory in a various shades of baked-on enamel. Some manufacturers also offer vinyl-clad aluminum windows, an option that reduces maintenance to practically nil.

Downside of aluminum? Aluminum may not be your best option. The aluminum will need to be painted someday and in terms of energy efficiency, aluminum just does not measure up to the alternatives. Aluminum can conduct the outside temperature into your home instead of keeping it out. In very cold weather, this can also lead to condensation of moisture on the chilled glass. Good design and materials can take care of the problem somewhat - using double-glazed low-E, low solar gain, and argon-filled panes greatly reduces heat gain even when the metal frame gets quite warm. Some products even use a thermal break frame design, in which the aluminum interior and exterior are separated by non-conductive material to prevent heat or cold transfer. This too improves the window's energy efficiency.

Do not be tempted by incredible bargains on replacement aluminum windows at your home improvement store. For one thing, they are usually from the manufacturer's lower-quality line, and likely to be flimsier and less energy efficient. For another, you may have trouble finding a qualified pro to install them because they are aware of potential problems and do not want to be responsible for dealing with them down the line.

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